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The capital city of Maldives, Male is one of the most well-organized Maldives tourist places, known popularly for its rich heritage, pristine beaches, bustling markets, narrow lanes, and opulent restaurants

COMO Cocoa Island

Although Maldives is the proud bearer of gorgeous islands, yet the charm of this archipelago is incomplete without the stunning COMO Cocoa Island. This cozily positioned island is nothing but a tropical paradise for

Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo Island is a beautiful island in the Maldives which offers beautiful beaches, iconic landscapes and mesmerising beauty. When the sun goes down at Vaadhoo Island, the sea waves lapping the shore light up like

Addu Atoll

Better known as Seenu Atoll, Addu Atoll happens to be Maldives’ southernmost atoll. This popular atoll comprises a myriad of well-known and beautiful islands including the Gan Island. Other places of tourist interest on Addu Atoll include Meedhoo Island, Hulhudhoo Island, Hithadhoo Island, Maradhoo Island, and Feydhoo Island. Each of these islands is covered densely with clean local villages and lined with tall and shady coconut trees.

Maafushi Island

Counted among the most popular Maldives tourist spots, Maafushi Island forms the best beach of the country owing to its myriad of fun and thrilling activities.

Addu City

Lying in the southernmost atoll of Maldives, Addu City is one of the most urban places to see in Maldives after Male. Making for this island nation’s second largest city, the heart-shaped city of Addu propels a plethora of couples owing to its captivating vistas packed with a blue overhead sky and tall coconut trees.

Artificial Beach

Lying in North Male Atoll, Artificial Beach is one of the most beautiful and serene places to visit in Maldives. Making for the most amazing swimming destinations in the entire archipelago, this beach also organizes many carnivals and offers a plethora of thrilling water sports.

The Male Atoll

The Male Atoll is divided into North Male Atoll and South Male Atoll. Making for the island nation’s largest city, North Male Atoll  is one of most favourite Maldives tourist places among the travel enthusiasts.


Packed with clear lagoons, shady palm trees, white sand beaches, and a serene ambiance, Fulhadhoo happens to be one of the most tranquilizing islands in Maldives. Counted among the least explored and most isolated islands of the country, this place holds a plethora of hidden treasures.

The Muraka

Housed in the Conrad Maldives resort, The Muraka is a lavish 2-level undersea villa. Letting you experience an exotic style of living, dining, and sleeping under the azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean, this surreal residence is not only the most opulent accommodation option, but also one of the most bewildering Maldives sightseeing places.

Nalaguraidhoo Island

Known popularly as Nalaguraidhoo Island, the Sun Island happens to be one of the top places to see in Maldives. Adorned with lavish greenery, fragrant tropical flowers, and stunning beaches, this place propels a myriad of visitors wanting to relax in the arms of nature.

Banana Reef

Ornated with powerful overhangs, colorful coral reefs, majestic cliffs, and beautiful caves, Banana Reef is counted among the most ancient reefs in Maldives. Populated by groupers, barracudas, and sharks, this place propels divers from across the globe. The calm currents and excellent visibility work perfectly for beginners as well as seasoned divers.


Whale Shark Island

Known popularly as the ‘Whale Shark Island’, Maamigili is a considerably large island sheltering over 2300 people. With two big harbors, this destination is considered as a renowned and bustling fishing island. With a very few guesthouses, three restaurants, and an ATM, Maamigili is one of the budget-friendly places to visit in Maldives.

Mudhdhoo Island

The Maldives Glowing Beach is situated at the Mudhdhoo Island, also known as the Vaadhoo Island in Raa Atoll. Beach is one of the most visited tourist destinations in these islands, mostly known for its phenomenal fluorescent, glowing waves. This natural phenomenon occurs due to the presence of millions of marine microbes known as phytoplankton in the water.

Alimatha Island

Alimatha Island attracts tourists from all over the world with its unbeatable greenery along with crystal clear waters. Known as an internationally acclaimed diving spot, this pristine island shelters a plethora of marine creatures.

Fihalhohi Island

Set amidst clear waters and tall palm trees, Fihalhohi Island happens to be one of the most tranquilizing places to visit in Maldives. Visited mostly by couples and honeymooners, this place has love and romance filled in its air.

Baros Island

One of the calmest places to visit in Maldives that would keep the traffic at bay and offer you complete peace is the enticing Baros Island. Known popularly for its stunning sun-kissed beaches, luxurious resorts, and natural elegance, this island is an unforgettable treat to the eyes.

Mirihi Island

Known popularly for its digital detox therapy, Mirihi Island welcomes tourists who want to keep all digital media at bay and simply relax and rejuvenate. Located far away from the chaotic world, this beautiful island assures vacationers a completely calm and peaceful environment to unwind and burst their stress and anxieties.


The capital of Maldives’ Lhaviyani Atoll, Naifaru is known popularly as the renowned artist Naifaru Dohokko’s island. Inhabited for over 400 years, this island has about 120 shops that cater to the needs of the people residing here. These shops include nourishment item stores, building material shops, electronic shops, car showrooms, handyman shops, and fashion boutiques.

Thoddoo Island

Situated at a distance of around 67 kilometers from the capital city of Male, the oval shaped Thoddoo Island is popular for its huge production of watermelons. Specialized in delicious authentic seafood, this island is a recommended visit for travelers who are interested in experiencing the traditional Maldivian lifestyle.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Situated at The Conrad Maldives and lying 5 meters underneath the sea level, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is one of Maldives beautiful places to eat.


Known to be the first ever underwater nightclub of Maldives, Subsix has got everything to offer you that “undersea” feeling. From the mermaid theme and shell-shaped bar to the coral-like chandeliers and sea anemones resembling chairs, this spectacular restaurant is adorned enough to ooze out the aura of the marine world from every aspect.


Taking underwater dining to the next level, SEA is a spectacular undersea restaurant that offers you much more than delicious gourmet cuisine. Flaunting an exotic collection of fine wines that span over nine decades, the restaurant calls itself one of Maldives best places for a lavish fine dining experience.

5.8 Undersea Restaurant

Showcasing a gorgeous interior, 5.8 Undersea Restaurant is an unparalleled treat to the eyes. With an extensive menu and delectable culinary preparations, this exquisite underwater Maldivian restaurant lets you enjoy wholesome lunch, romantic sunset dinner, and scrumptious and surreal moonlit dinner.


Minus Six Meters

Forming a part of the luxury resort OZEN, Minus Six Meters is an exotic undersea restaurant featuring a plush ambiance and romantic setting. As its name suggests, this awe-inspiring dining facility is nestled 6 meters under the Indian Ocean.

Halaveli Islands

Sometimes isolation and solitude can be the best remedy you need to rejuvenate and de-stress yourself. That being said, there can be no better escape than the Halaveli Islands to detach yourself from the chaos and find peace and serenity. With over 55 water villas set cozily amidst a blissful surrounding, this place forms a tranquilizing getaway for couples and friends.

Tsunami Monument

Lying in southeast Male, the freestanding Tsunami Monument is a magnificent memorial dedicated to the 74 lives lost to the 2004 tsunami.

Grand Friday Mosque

Making for one of the most famous religious places to visit in Maldives, Grand Friday Mosque attracts not only spiritual seekers, but also architecture lovers. Established back in 1984, this magnificent shrine is an important part of the Islamic Center and has been named after Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu-Al-Auzam.


Sinamale Bridge

Better known as the Sinamale Bridge, the China Maldives Friendship Bridge happens to be a long bridge of 2 kilometers connecting Male city to Hulhule Island.


National Art Gallery

Built back in 1999, National Art Gallery is one of the most intriguing places to visit in Maldives Male. This beautiful art gallery conducts regular events and exhibitions and showcases brilliant local and global artworks.